Mechthild Henneke is a correspondent for news agency Agence France Presse and a trainer/consultant in Berlin. Until autumn 2008 Henneke headed the Office for News and Communications for the economic department of the UN Mission in Kosovo.

After the violent riots in Kosovo in March 2004 Henneke became spokesperson for the UN mission. Her exceptional understanding of the pivotal role of communications as a tie between the public and the political decision makers/administration marked her highly successful work.

Henneke started her career as political scientist (diploma of the Free University Berlin with excellence), trained at the prestigious Henri Nannen-School of Journalism of the Gruner+Jahr-edition in Hamburg and became an editor of the Berliner Zeitung (1994 to 2001).

Upon her return from Kosovo in the winter of 2008, Henneke wrote a novel about the war in Kosovo while working as a journalist and trainer. In the spring of 2013 she earned an official trainer certificate from the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry.