Knowledge of professional writing for journalism, public relations and business correspondence is crucial in the digital age. In the journalism and writing classes, beginners will be taught basic techniques to help them draft understandable, interesting and entertaining articles. Advanced professionals will extend their knowledge and repertoire by gaining valuable new insights and skills.

The journalism and writing classes are based on the ideas of classic journalism as taught by the Henri Nannen-School of Journalism in Hamburg which the tutor successfully completed. Questions of language and style form another focal topic. More concretely the following issues will be dealt with: clear language, sentence length, and how to use direct speech. With the help of numerous exercises, participants learn to draft concise, hard-hitting news articles while avoiding typical writing errors. 

In the advanced classes journalists work to hone their skills in three specific genres : the portrait, reportage and feature story. This requires a close look at specific elements: a concise headline, a captivating beginning, and precise descriptions. Participants will learn how to properly use and combine different tools of the writing craft to bring their stories to life.

The journalism and writing classes will help participants succeed in drafting well written articles for newspapers, websites, press releases or for their own publication. The extraordinary combination of “old school”-principles and modern communications tools helps participants learn to write quickly, accurately, consistently and creatively.